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Alain Schroeder @ Blank Wall Gallery

©Alain Schroeder

Alain Schroeder
8 September έως 20 September 2023

Opening: Friday 8 September, 21:00

“Four sections are presented here. Two black and white and two color. Alain finds it interesting to shoot both urban life and western lifestyle as well as issues related to ecology and humanity. In this exhibition there are black and white photos from a neighborhood café in Brussels and color photos from the Upper East End in New York, as well as photos from Thailand of young children taking part in Muay Thai fights, an event that is part of the tradition and of their daily lives, but also images that show the extent of the ecological destruction that is taking place in many areas of the planet, especially in third world countries.”

Blank Wall Gallery
Φωκίωνος Νέγρη 55 Κυψέλη

Location: Greece Type:

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