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Beautiful Night @ Benrubi Gallery

Jasmine Murrell, The Force, Unknown One Series #5, 2019

Beautiful Night
Sept 8th- October 28, 2023

opening reception, Friday Sept 8th 6-8pm

Beautiful Night, curated by Jude Broughan, featuring artists Karen Azoulay, Adler Guerrier, John Lehr, Reiner Leist, Daminico Lynch, Jasmine Murrell, Beuford Smith, Jenna Westra, and Jess Willa Wheaton.

“Photography is about light (originally sunlight), and sometimes nighttime photography feels unexpected. Neon lights, camera flash, street lights, spot lights, tungsten lamps, high contrast, misty silhouettes. Nighttime is a restful time, when we unwind, hug each other, and look after ourselves, loved ones. Maybe go out and meet up, have some fun. Night is when we sleep and when we grow, our bodies relax and a time for healing. That inky blue twilight, then the star-filled dark night sky, souls gone before, and an as yet unmanifested void of exciting potential.

Beautiful Night is a synthesis of finely intertwined visual narratives. Jasmine Murrell’s low-light long exposures with halos and glowing light traces, speak about miracles that happen in the worst of times and in the most invisible places, and transformative experience around historical erasures. The car headlights and streetlights glow in Daminco Lynch’s “Lonely City”, a still from his 2022 short film “A Woman in the City”, illuminating modern people in their everyday lives in the streets of New York, focusing on the connection between people and exploring human and universal connections.”

Benrubi Gallery
529 West 20th Street · Floor 8 · New York · New York · 10011

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