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David Benjamin Sherry @ Huxley-Parlour Gallery

Sunrise on Mesquite Flat Dunes, Death Valley, California, 2013

David Benjamin Sherry: Mother
21 September – 21 October

“Sherry’s photographic practice bears witness to the changing landscapes of the Western United States. Reinventing the well-trodden views of the country’s national parks, Sherry’s landscapes are each rendered in a single, vivid colour. In doing so, Sherry seeks to challenge the West’s colonialist trope of the individualist, with all its corollary connotations of straightness, whiteness and maleness, to present a more inclusive discourse around the region and its preservation.”

Huxley-Parlour Gallery
3-5 Swallow Street
London, W1B 4DE

Location: England, London, United Kingdom Type:

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