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Patricia Morosan @ Gallery Franzkowiak

(I) Remember Europe, Patricia Morosan, 2018

Patricia Morosan: (I) Remember Europe
03/10 – 04/29/2023

“The exhibition presents my project (I) Remember Europe . In my work I have visited seven locations in Central and Eastern European countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Germany and Poland), each of which was considered to be the geographic “centre of Europe” at different historical times. The images unfold a psychogeography of people, landscapes, villages, cities, and buildings that partly precede and partly react to the cartographic constructions of the center. They show not only the general variability of borders, but also the constant redefinition and shifting of centers and peripheries.” – Patricia Morosan

Gallery Franzkowiak
Friedrichstraße 76-78 10117 Berlin , entrance: Jägerstraße 61 / elevator -2
www. galerie-franzkowiak.de

Location: Berlin, Germany Type:

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