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Portraits @ Blank Wall Gallery

Anthi Kollia # Greece # Giulietta

9 June until 21 June 2023

Opening: Friday 9 June, 21:00

“Portraits of people from all over the world, as seen through the photographers’ lens, will be presented. In these photographs, the true image of the people, the image of their soul, the depiction of their personality and emotions, goes beyond the surface and what we all see at a hasty first glance and reaches their essence. The artists who took these portraits managed to capture the inner world of the people they photographed in a moment and give it to us through a photograph. The image we see is the artists’ truth, what the saw and were drawn to at that particular moment. Many times, the result is very different from the image that the people themselves have about them, it is what is hidden deep inside them. The truth behind this mask is what consists the magical element of the portrait.”

Blank Wall Gallery
55 Fokionos Negri Street

Location: Athens, Greece Type:

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