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we like small things v.6 @ Filter Space

©Mahsa Alafar

we like small things v.6
September 22nd – October 28th, 2023

Reception: September 29th | 6 – 9 PM

“I love small things.
All things small.
When I think of small things,
small lone things,
I think intimate.
I think stand-alone.
I think personal.
I think purposeful.

There were so many incredibly beautiful and meaningful entries—I sat with them and just stared for hours. I found it most fascinating that many entries were derived from old-school and analog methods, which seemed true fitting to this edition of we like small things. As a creator who has worked with analog methods, I know how much goes into one piece, let alone a whole series. This is what makes this theme so special, this is what makes each entry unique. Thank you for trusting me with your art and for opening my heart to such intimate works. I wish I could have given every submission a winning star, because they were all important to me.”

—Anna Goldwater Alexander

Exhibiting Artists:
Mahsa Alafar
Hannah Altman
Amanda BernSohn
Nathalia Bertazi
Lynne Breitfeller
Bo Brout
Siobhan Byrns
Christine Caldwell
Rose Cunningham
Dena Eber
Joanna Epstein
Jamil Fatti
Jesse Freidin
Preston Gannaway
Amy Giese
Denis Gillingwater
Angela Golota
Sherri Harvey
Jim HIll
Hsing-Chia Hsieh
Kevin Jones
Dave Jordano
Erinn Kathryn
Evan Klanfer
Andy Melendez
Joerg Metzner
Mauricio Murillo, Crummy Gummy
Beth O’Brien
Junghoon Oh
Dante Pineda
Jeff Rothstein
Jacque Rupp
Natia Ser
Pamela Sherlock
Byron Smith
Jessica Stephens
Robin Tryloff
David Whitmer
Hooey Wilks
Judson Womack
Emerson Xia
Torrance York

Filter Space
1821 W. Hubbard St., Suite 207
Chicago, IL


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