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Michael Ackerman & Maciej Markowicz @ Anne Clergue Galerie Arles

Bénarès, India, 2018 © Michael Ackerman

Michael Ackerman et Maciej Markowicz
June 27 to September 29, 2024

Opening on July 2nd 2 juillet at 6pm

“From New York to Varanasi, via Krakow, Michael Ackerman evokes a singular emotion in each of his images. His book End Time City, published by Delpire in 1999, revealed his Indian experience of Varanasi, a timeless, hallucinatory world. For the photographer, it’s not the place or context that counts, but an emerging atmosphere. These photographs are slow to take in, like a film rolling before our eyes. There are no stolen moments. It’s not the bird that Ackerman photographs, it’s the flight, the density of the air that renders these situations ghostly, as if suspended.

As for Maciej Markowicz, he offers us a completely different notion of time through his mobile Camera Obscura. In 2017, he built his own Camera Obscura on a catamaran in Berlin, enabling him to navigate Europe’s rivers and canals at 8 km per hour. The same year, he will be moored on the Seine during Paris-Photo. In 2023, he stays in Arles and photographs the Camargue and Van Gogh’s landscapes from his Camera Obscura truck. Maciej likes to observe the world slowly, offering us an abstract experience of time and place.”

Anne Clergue Galerie Arles

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