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Mentors @ School of Visual Arts (online)

Mentors March 8 – 28, 2021 “Mentors,” an exhibition of work by BFA Photography & Video students inspired by their working relationships with world-renowned artists, curators, editors, and directors from our global arts community. Curated by department chair Joseph Maida, the exhibition “Mentors” will be on view online from Monday, March 8, through Sunday, March […]

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30 Over 50: In Context @ The Center for Fine Art Photography

30 Over 50: In Context February 16 – April 30, 2021 Featured Artists: Syl Arena, Robin Bailey, Sarah Barker, Lowell Baumunk, Becky Chapman, Teri Figliuzzi, Keith Goldstein, Danielle L Goldstein, Thierry Gourjon-Bieltvedt, Don Jacobson, Leslie Jean-Bart, Jena Jones, Marcy Juan, Sarah Ketelaars, Shelley Koon, Jeff Larason, Toni Lovejoy, Charlie McCullers and Cecilia Montalvo, Dana Moody, […]

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Jacob Kirkegaard @ Fridman Gallery

Jacob Kirkegaard: Testimonium February 27 – March 27 “For the first time, Testimonium will be presented in its most complete form: the video installation will be accompanied by an eight-channel sound sculpture, and a large-scale photograph of the desolate industrial landscape. The video will be available for viewing and listening on the gallery’s website for […]

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JEFF CORWIN:GUNS IN AMERICA FEBRUARY 26 – APRIL 17, 2021 “After my father passed away in 2007 and as I was going through his possessions, I came across 3 vintage handguns I never knew he had. Given the violence in this country’s current history, I was undecided at the time as to what to do […]

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Gary Burnley @ Elizabeth Houston Gallery

Gary Burnley: In the Language of My Captor Exhibition February 24 through April 24, 2021 “Gary Burnley’s eponymous series In the Language of My Captor recasts the venerable tradition of 18th- and 19th-century European portraiture, carving out a space for alternate narratives whose central figures were not afforded the commensurate stature of the grand manner […]

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For the Record @ Etherton Gallery

For the Record February16 – May 29, 2021 For the Record: Documentary Photographs from the Etherton Gallery Archive is a presentation of documentary photographs from the 1930s to the present, selected from the gallery’s deep and varied holdings in this area. Etherton Gallery 135 South 6th Avenue Tucson, AZ 85701

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Jeff Whetstone @ Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

Jeff Whetstone: Batture Ritual January 2021- September 2021 “Jeff Whetstone’s photographs and videos explore the microeconomics and macroeconomics and ecologies along the Mississippi River’s batture near New Orleans, Louisiana. “Batture” is the French-creole term for the thin strip of weeds, trees, and mud between the water’s edge of the Mississippi River and the tall, hardened […]

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Jon Horvath @ The Alice Wilds

Jon Horvath: Wide-Eyed: Variations February 5 – April 10 “Wide Eyed persists as the undercurrent of Horvath’s full artistic practice, bridging the gaps between more pointed and scripted works. As such, the project embraces the act of photographic wandering, seeking moments of discovery and identifying parallels between seemingly unrelated events. Wide Eyed functions analogously to […]

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Millee Tibbs @ Filter Space

Millee Tibbs: Mount Analouge February 19 – March 20 Opening Reception: February 19, Details TBA “Using photographic images of mountains as a surrogate for the sublime experience, Mount Analogue explores the paradoxical relationship between photography—which can only represent what is in front of the camera’s lens—and the ineffable nature of the sublime experience. Using a […]

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95th ANNUAL International Competition Solo Exhibitions @ The Print Center

95th ANNUAL International Competition Solo Exhibitions February 1 – April 30, 2021 Kevin Claiborne: Before I Died I Was Invisible Dawn Kim: Half Rest David Rothenberg: Landing Lights Park Kevin Claiborne’s work addresses the Black experience in America today. Before I Died I Was Invisible includes pieces from two ongoing series: “BLACKNESS IS,” begun in […]

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