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Book Review: New Yorkers by Sally Davies

New Yorkers, is the first monograph from Sally Davies, despite her multi-decade career in the arts. A painter for many years, it was not until somewhat more recently that Davies took to the camera in a serious way. Thankfully, she did, as her photography is brilliantly unique. For much of her photography career, Davies has […]

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Book Review: Passing Place by Sandy Carson

Passing Place is both a memoir and a portrait of a person, place, and time in Sandy Carson’s life. Themes of memory and loss also play a part in the story. Sandy moved from Scotland to America after pursuing and achieving a goal of being a pro BMX rider. This career gave rise to working […]

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Book Review: A Place of Our Own by Iris Hassid

The Israeli territory is a region full of differences and contrasts which have always attracted the attention of Iris Hassid, a photographer from Tel Aviv who focuses her work on long-term projects related to identity, culture and the representation of a female viewpoint from different social backgrounds. In A Place of Our Own, Iris Hassid […]

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Book review: Death Magick Abundance by Akasha Rabut

Death Magick Abundance, the first photo book by New Orleans photographer Akasha Rabut, is the culmination of her nearly ten-year collaboration with the people of New Orleans who invited her into their lives to photograph them. Her images celebrate the city’s thriving culture through the pink smoke of the Caramel Curves, the first all-female black motorcycle […]

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Book Review: Post Truth by George Byrne

These pics are simply gorgeous! To me, they are a perfect unreal aesthetic pleasure. Unreal? What was photographed is real! Right but that is not the way these photographs appear to me – the equivalent of McDonald’s ice cream: totally artificial, and tasting great! Ian Volner, in his accompanying essay “Unreal City: The Urban Sublime […]

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Book Review: Growing Up Travelling by Jamie Johnson

How wonderful!, I thought when glancing through the pages of this book and experienced what I do not recall to have ever experienced when spending time with a photo book showing people: I liked every single one of these photographs, without any reservation. That might have to do with the fact that the ones portrayed […]

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Book Review: The Ameriguns by Gabriele Galimberti

My first reaction to the pics in this tome was: These people are clearly nuts! How can you want to have your picture taken surrounded by your firearms? And not just one firearm, lots of them. Moreover, the guys and gals look seemingly proud. It is way beyond me what is going on in their […]

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Book Review: Congo in Conversation by Finbarr O’Reilly

What a superb shot!, was my reaction to this colourful, elegantly composed cover. Images of a BBC report from twenty years ago on a fashion show at a hotel in Blantyre, Malawi, popped up in my head, the goal of which had been to show an Africa that was something different from the usual news […]

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Book Review: What Does Photography Mean To You? By Grant Scott

Grant Scott is the founder of United Nations of Photography, and the associated podcast, A Photographic Life (included in my photography podcast article ‘Now Hear This’). Within each episode, Scott asks a photographer what photography means to them, and in roughly five minutes, the guest photographer gives their audio response. Each photographer answers in their […]

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Book Review: Scaffold to the Moon by Huw Alden Davies

Scaffold to the Moon by photographer Huw Alden Davies is the culmination of his project, Prince, whereby Davies documented his father and his surroundings and ephemera. Davies’ project statement aptly describes his work as, “Attempting to reconnect with his curious childhood adulations, (he) began to record this man and his eccentricities through photographic and illustrative […]

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