Michael Krebs and Gil Kofman @ dnj Gallery

Image: Michail Krebs, Surplus

Image: Gil Kofman, Passages

Exhibition: March 3 – April 14, 2012

In “Surplus,” Krebs explores his view that a war of consumerism is taking place. In this war, the victims are consumers who are manipulated into pursuing artificially created needs. Citizens become dependent on their income to buy goods they do not need to remain competitive in today’s society. Using powerful references to iconic war photographs, Krebs visualizes the modern western consumer’s struggle. As he explains, “By not showing but only referring to iconic [war] images one becomes aware of how powerful pictures are that already ‘made history’ and have become part of our visual culture.”

In “Passages – Case Studies in Euclidean Seduction,” Kofman investigates a new way he has been looking at the geometry of ordinary hallways, or passages. He states, “I discovered the hallways in this exhibit quite by chance. I was simply trying to get from one place to the next, and these so-called passages comprised part of the material space I was forced to physically traverse and mentally discard. ” Mindful of the rigid organization imposed by conventional perspective, he examines the common objects in the hallways – chairs, clocks, doors, knobs and garbage cans– as independent forms free from the constraints of vanishing points, horizon lines and orthogonals. As the eye rushes down the length of the passage, these objects serve as the focal point of an exploration.

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