Catherine Asanov @ dnj gallery

Catherine Asanov: Nyet That Type of Girl
September 9 – October 21, 2017

Opening reception: Saturday, September 9th, 6pm – 8pm

“The second I told someone I was from Russia, a trigger was pulled and the interrogation would ensue …
Are you a communist? Is it always cold in Russia? Do you only drink vodka? Do you have bears as pets?/p> Are you a spy? Are you in the Mafia? In my self-portraits, I take what is real -myself- and distill it through the prism of what others have learned to think is true about Russians. Some are somewhat comical. Some are a little crude. Some are slightly offensive. None are totally true. Such are stereotypes. Perhaps it is a misnomer to regard these as true self-portraits. But that is the point. Because of propaganda and cultural prejudices, I am an ‘other’ to some before I am simply my ‘self.’ Here’s one stereotype that I had growing up in Russia about Americans: All Americans love McDonald’s and go to Disney World because it is the best place on Earth. (Funny enough- it was really thrilling to me as a child. It was a dreamland of burgers, french fries and Mickey Mouse.) Maybe we will break the ice.

dnj gallery
2525 michigan avenue, suite J1
santa monica, california 90404

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