2015 Sony World Photography Awards exhibition @ Somerset House, London

unnamed2015 Sony World Photography Awards exhibition
24th April – 10th May

Somerset House, London.

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David Drew Zingg @ Instituto Moreira Salles

David Drew Zingg exposure: image on Image
April 15 to August 9

The exhibition brings together photographs of posters, signs, images and ads in the midst of buildings, streets and people. Images taken over time, and not always linked to the work that was commissioned as a photographer. For at least two decades, Zingg hunted this iconography in Brazil and abroad, in rural areas and in urban centers. Removing writings and figures of context, these pictures show some pop dimension, fundamental component of this part of the work of David Zingg. His imagery force is exactly what is not assumed to be an icon. Signs of times and from different sources, meeting on the images of the photographer, advertise and communicate their messages simultaneously. A picture on the wall says something about a sign up, that belies the inscription on the side. Thus, in one of the photos in a facade of green tiles, we see a door in Gothic church warhead format next to a painting to imitate the photo announcement of Brahma Chopp. In the same house, the place is described as drugstore, restaurant and hotel. And the place is indeed all that, and something else that can not be well expressed by subtitles.

Instituto Moreira Salles Sao Paulo

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Alexander Gronsky @ The Wapping Project Bankside

MytishchiAlexander Gronsky
14 April – 29 May

Gronsky’s Pastoral series of large format photographs of Moscow’s suburban areas are reminiscent of the arcadian images created by 19th century landscape painters and reconstructs them in a way that jars with the romantic representations of a bygone era. Once defining borders becomes blurred in these photographs – the divisions between urban and pastoral, utopian and dystopian and the actors within these spaces are rendered ambiguous. Gronsky’s arresting use of colour and intelligent compositions are alluring, but these layered works are a study of how people inhabit a territory and what becomes evident in these images is the effect human life has on the environment in this Apothocene age.

The Wapping Project Bankside
37 Dover Street, Ely House
W1S 4NJ London

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SCOTT HAMMOND @ L Parker Stephenson

SCOTT HAMMOND: The Lovely Road Journeys Through the U.S.A.
April 10 – June 20, 2015

In this digital age, Scott Hammond’s work resonates with the prevalent urge for the quick snap, the selfie, proof that I Was Here. However, in contrast to the infinitely reproducable non tangible 1s and 0s of the digital file, the Polaroid (discontinued in 2008) offered a pocket sized unique artifact of a time and place. There is nothing particularly special about the subjects Hammond chooses, yet, out of an admitted compulsion to collect, along his trips to nowhere he gathers and accumulates bits of the rural and suburban American landscape; a small moment or sight he feels is worthy of being preserved. He calls it “idealizing the ordinary”.

L Parker Stephenson | 764 Madison Avenue, Suite 4F | New York | NY | 10065

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MARIO ALGAZE A Respect for Light
April 9 – May 16 2015

145 East 57th Street, third floor, New York, NY 10022

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Keith Sharp @ The Print Center

unnamedKeith Sharp: Double Take
April 17 – July 11, 2015

Keith Sharp: Double Take brings together recent photographs from two series by the artist. InFabrications, Sharp prints photographic scenes of nature onto cotton or silk, which he then installs as curtains in an interior and re-photographs. The resulting images create uncanny juxtapositions between the interior spaces and the landscape imagery which appears on the curtains.


The Print Center | 1614 Latimer Street | Philadelphia | PA | 19103

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Justin James Reed @ Melanie Flood Projects

Justin James Reed: Shining Bodies
April 17 – May 17, 2015

Friday April 17 from 6-8pm: Opening reception artist in attendance

Melanie Flood Projects
420 SW Washington Street #301
Portland, OR 97204

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Fritz Liedtke @ Oregon Statue University’s Fairbanks Gallery

Fritz Liedtke: Astra Velum
April 6-29, 2015

Liedtke’s Astra Velum is a series of photogravures: intaglio prints created in a printmaking studio. These moody, luminescent prints truly must be seen to be appreciated. This show includes new work in the series, not shown before.

Oregon Statue University’s Fairbanks Gallery
220 SW 26th Street
Corvallis, Oregon

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David Akiba @ Alibi Fine Art

unnamed-1David Akiba: Remembering Harry Callahan
April 4 – May 23

Opening Reception with the Artist: April 4, 5:30 – 8:30 PM

Alibi Fine Art
4426 North Ravenswood Avenue

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Dennis Chamberlin @ The Rangefinder Gallery

unnamedDennis Chamberlin: A Time That Was – Poland in the 1980s
April 3 – 25

Opening Reception: April 3, 6:00 – 9:00 PM

The Rangefinder Gallery
300 West Superior Street
Suite 202

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