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Farnaz Damnabi @ 29 Arts in Progress Gallery

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“Tributo all’inespresso” by Gian Luca Groppi

Gian Luca Groppi was born in Piacenza and lives and works in Genoa. For more than 30 years he has dedicated himself to photography, mainly in black and white and personally printed in the darkroom. In recent years he has also begun to experiment with digital color. He has been defined by the critic Lorella
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Ester Vonplon @ LUMEN

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10 GIORNATE della fotografia @ National Museum of Photography of Brescia

10 GIORNATE della fotografia is an event dedicated to photographic culture organized by the National Photography Museum of Brescia from 12 May to 21 May 2023. This is the first edition of a ten-day event dedicated to photographic culture. A culturally innovative photographic event. A collaborative, laboratory, exhibition, experimental, open and inclusive party. There will
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Gian Paolo Barbieri @ 29 Arts in Progress

Location: Italy, Milan Type:

Lab27: a place for meeting, discussion, study, training, exposure for photography

Every time I log into my smartphone I can’t help but think about how useful technology is but, at the same time, how easy it is to misuse it. At least questionable. Every time I access social networks I think about how essential it is to communicate but how it has become alienating to do
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Renato D’Agostin @ Spazio Mostre Italvanto Battistella

Location: Italy, Venice Type:

Giovanni Gastel @ Triennale Milano (Milan, IT)

Location: Italy, Milan Type:

Mariano Biazzi Alcantara: Senza Tempo @ Torrefazione Vittoria

Location: Cremona, Italy Type:

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