Thomas Roma @ Steven Kasher Gallery

Thomas Roma: In the Vale of Cashmere
October 29th – December 19th, 2015

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 29th, 6:00-8:00 PM

With In the Vale of Cashmere, Roma brings us into a little known Eden, one that has been quietly thriving for decades. Roma’s portraits of men set in an uncanny urban wooded landscape carry a history of New York and Brooklyn that predates and parallels the gay rights and civil rights movements. Roma brings us into a secret world, giving us the opportunity to consider the individual with sensitivity and respect while also engaging in a larger discussion of race, gender, sexuality, and class in an increasingly gentrified New York.

Steven Kasher Gallery
515 West 26 Street, New York

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Experiences of Brownian motion @ The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography

Julia Borissova

Julia Borissova

Experiences of Brownian motion
November 3 – November 29, 2015

The opening: November 3, 19.00

“Experiences of Brownian motion” focuses on the generation of young Russian artists who are successfully presented in the world of international contemporary photography. With their works they form such a space of photography in Russia, where images become a force field open for experiments and a new kind of aesthetic experience. The exhibition features more than 200 works by 12 photographers from St Petersburg, Moscow, and Chelyabinsk.

Alexey Bogolepov. The Efficiency Ritual
Anastasia Bogomolova. Rosebud
Julia Borissova. Running to the Edge
Alexandr Veryovkin. Landmarks
Yury Gudkov. Keep an Eye on What you See
Mikhail Novitsky. You and I appear awake
Jana Romanova. W
Alexander Sedelnikov. Alexander
Yulia Spiridonova. Untitled
Anastasia Tailakova. Not applicable
Ksenia Yurkova. Letters for Two, and No-one Else
Irina Zadorozhnaia. The Observer Effect

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography / Moscow / Bolotnaya nab., 3

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October 29 – December 19, 2015

Opening reception: Thursday, October 29, 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Callahan, Dawid, Sugimoto examines black and white photography’s ability to seamlessly merge objective representation and formal abstraction with a selection of over 20 gelatin silver prints. Utilizing large format cameras to visually intensify their chosen subjects, these artists transcend narrative description and thus transform our vision, causing us to consider the motifs they photograph in different and novel ways. All distinctly geometric and precisely composed, Callahan’s, Dawid’s, and Sugimoto’s images present us with delicate interplays between light and dark tonalities, positive and negative space, surface and depth, rhythmic lines and visual rhymes.

Pace/MacGill Gallery
32 East 57th Street, New York

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Eamonn Farrell @ Gallery of Photography Ireland

Eamonn Farrell: Charles Haughey: Power, Politics & Public Image
29 October – November 22

Opening Reception: Thursday 29 October 6.30pm

This new exhibition of photographs by Eamonn Farrell examines the public image of Charles Haughey – the most controversial politician since the foundation of the state. With his Napoleonic manner, driving ambition and extravagant private life, Haughey remains a compelling and divisive figure in the Irish political landscape. As a Taoiseach, he was before his time in understanding the power of the image: he knew how to use photographers to his advantage, and made himself easily available to them. Eamonn Farrell has used this access to capture images that offer real insights into Haughey’s elevated perception of himself.

Gallery of Photography Ireland
Meeting House Square
Temple Bar – Dublin 2

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MATJAŽ KRIVIC @ Galerija Fotografija

20 October – 20 November 2015

Galerija Fotografija d.o.o. • Levstikov trg 7, 1000 Ljubljana

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Anton Lyalin: Disappearing Africa
October 28 – December 6

In his works Lyalin strives to bring viewers in contact with the essence of wildlife, its beauty and wisdom. He deliberately turns away from animalistic genre to artistic photography, focusing on composition, choice of vantage point, and landscape background.


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Venegas and Venegas @ Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York

unnamedVenegas and Venegas
October 27th – November 28th, 2015

Opening Reception and Walk through:
Tuesday October 27th

Yvonne Venegas’s first solo show in New York, the exhibition will include a selection from three of her projects that deal with class, aspiration, and the rituals and lifestyles of upper income communities in Tijuana and San Pedro, Monterrey. Juxtaposed with this work will be 1970’s photographs from the archive of her father, Jose Luis Venegas, a wedding and event photographer in Tijuana.

Baxter St at the Camera Club of New York

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Giorgia Valli @ Kopeikin Gallery

Giorgia Valli: Aves Mei
October 24th – December 19th 2015

Giorgia Valli found the backdrop for her series in an unlikely of place: the Bronx Zoo. The images were shot in the section of the zoo called “The World of Birds”. Each of the photos depicts a bird’s cage and in turn each image is meant to be associated with the different places Valli has lived around the world. For Valli, some locations felt like nests while others seemed like cages. Each place could influence her thought processes and ideas – some acting as agents of freedom and growth, while others hindered and weakened. This series is a way of expressing her experiences with repressed feelings and freedom, much like how the birds experience their cages.

Kopeikin Gallery
2766 South La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, Ca, 90034

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Both Sides of Sunset @ Kopeikin Gallery

unnamedBoth Sides of Sunset
October 24th – December 19th 2015

‘Both Sides of Sunset’ is a visually attempted summation of the many facets that can be found within the sprawling city of Los Angeles. From Boyle Heights to Santa Monica beach, this show is inclusive of the various neighborhoods that give L.A. such depth and character. Affluent and impoverished, gritty and glamorous, staged and candid – views that scratch the surface of the beautiful soul that gives life to such a magnificent place that locals love and outsiders vie to be included in.

Kopeikin Gallery
2766 South La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90034

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Aline Smithoson @ wall space gallery

Smithson_ Lucy in TurquoiseP

Artist Reception – Friday November 6th, 6 – 8pm

Aline’s roots in traditional painting and portraiture is the background for her latest body of work, Revisiting Beauty. In the footsteps of classical portraiture, her images filled with vibrant rich color and the simple beauty of the young women sitting before her brings to mind Kusakabe Kimbei’s stunning hand painted portraits of young Japanese women. It is the connection to her subject that has Aline standing out from the often-overflowing world of portrait photographers.
We will show a selection of highlighted works from many of Alines’ portrait series. Arrangement in Green & Black (Portrait of the Photographer’s Mother), Revisiting Beauty and a selection of hand painted silver gelatin portraits.

wall space gallery is located at 116 East Yanonali Street in the Funk Zone of Santa Barbara

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