Dinesh Boaz @ W Hotel Union Square, NYC

“Lucky in Love”

Dinesh Boaz:‘Closer’ – An exploration of the Urban Oasis
November 8th, 2017  – February 18, 2018

“Oasis is typically defined as a pleasant or peaceful area in the midst of a difficult, or hectic place or situation. The oasis in the ‘Closer’ series is a place that takes haven from the outside world. I look to bring out the mundane and subtle nuances of life outside the boundaries of each setting- life outside that shows the ugly roads and traffic, the concrete, the construction and the crowds – contrasting with the serenity of water, the camaraderie of the courts and team work of people in physical movement together. The lines of separation from the outside world are so strong that the viewer is not only drawn to the oasis, but also to the stark unknown of what lies beyond its realm. ”

W Hotel
Union Square, NYC

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Jean “Johnny” Pigozzi @ Leica Store & Gallery Los Angeles

Jean “Johnny” Pigozzi
November 9 – January 7, 2017

Artist Reception | November 9, 2017, 6PM – 9PM. RSVP required

“Jean “Johnny” Pigozzi picked up a Leica camera as an adolescent and began formulating a diarist style that revolved around his observations of upper-class life. While attending Harvard University, he made regular sojourns to New York City where he mingled with artists and tastemakers, taking photographs in close proximity. His “sophisticated snapshots,” significantly influenced by Robert Frank and Helmut Newton, are candid and intimate: friends including Andy Warhol, Anjelica Huston, and Diane von Furstenberg, among others, are captured in scenes of social revelry or voluptuous leisure. Pigozzi often appears in his own photographs, affirming the role of the camera as a tool for his keen engagement with the world.”

Leica Store & Gallery Los Angeles, 8783 Beverly Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90048

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Ambient Landscapes @ Black Eye Gallery

Ambient Landscapes
Oct 31 – Nov 12, 2017

Opening Night: Thursday November 2nd 6-8pm

“The photographers exhibiting in The Print Swap presents: Ambient Landscapes capture both the beauty and the fragility of our planet’s landscape. Hailing from regions far and wide, they’re mapping a new world, one that is defined by constant flux and change. From Andreas Godwin’s surreal Square, featuring a mysterious manmade object superimposed over an otherwise normal Swedish landscape, to Ellen Jantzen’s Amplification, in which the artist has digitally manipulated the mountains of New Mexico, these images push and pull at the boundaries of what it means to make a “landscape photograph” in 2017.”

Black Eye Gallery
3/138 Darlinghurst Rd,
Darlinghurst 2010

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Boris Gaberščik @ Galerija Fotografija

Boris Gaberščik Von Dieser Welt
23 October – 25 November 2017

Opening of the exhibition: 23 October 2017, at 20h

“Gaberščik’s atelier is a cemetery of found objects, which strewn across the floor await their revival. When he sets them in front of the lens, they seem to rise from the dead, and begin a new life under the photographer’s masterful manipulation of light. The resurrection of the objects might suggest a biblical connotation, but is in no way sacral in character, a fact supported by the very title of the series. While Jesus says in John’s gospel: “My kingdom is not of this world,” ist nicht von dieser Welt, Gaberščik claims the opposite – he places his photographs in the earthly world, more so than he has done in his previous series. While Von dieser Welt retains certain elements of alchemy observed in Solve et Coagula, as well as the Ordo ab Chao concept of order above chaos, the essence of the work is now different. It is something that originates from this world and is intended for its inhabitants.”

Galerija Fotografija d.o.o. • Levstikov trg 7, 1000 Ljubljana

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Evan La Londe @ Melanie Flood Projects

Evan La Londe: Sundials
October 22-December 2, 2017

Reception: Sunday, October 22, 1-3pm

“Sundials is the seventh and final installment of an ongoing artist series at Melanie Flood Projects, Thinking Through Photography, an exploration of artists working with photography today. The series includes a comprehensive survey of contemporary photographic practices through programming that highlights experimental and diverse approaches to image making. Facilitated by exhibitions, artist talks, studio visits, interviews, and suggested readings which aim to expand the language surrounding photography, while also unveiling progressive work by local artists in the Pacific Northwest & beyond.”

Melanie Flood Projects
420 SW Washington Street #301
Portland, OR 97204

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Portfolio ShowCase 10 @ The Center for Fine Art Photography

Image © Ben Marcin

Portfolio ShowCase 10
October 6 – November 17, 2017

Reception: October 20, 2017 from 5:30 – 8:00 pm

Exhibiting Artists: Julie Anand & Damon Sauer, Frank Hamrick, Katie Kalkstein, Ben Marcin, Molly McCall, Lisa McCarty, Emmanuel Monzon, Matt Hamon, and Tema Stauffer.

The Center for Fine Art Photography | 400 North College Ave., Fort Collins, CO 80524

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Detours @ SVA Gramercy Gallery

Detours: SVA Masters in Digital Photography 2017 Thesis Exhibition
October 14 – Saturday, November 11

Reception: Wednesday, October 25, 5:00 – 8:00pm

i3 Lectures
Tuesday, October 24
Eli Schmidt, Fashion & Editorial Photographer
7-8:30pm 136 West 21st., Room 418 NYC
Tuesday, November 14
Clay Patrick McBride, Photographer & Filmmaker
7-8:30pm 136 West 21st., Room 418 NYC

Location: SVA Gramercy Gallery, 209 East 23rd Street, New York City

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Diego Bardone @ House Space Museum Tadini

Diego Bardone: Milan street Photography
October 20 to November 19, 2017

opening to the public on October 20 from 18.30

“Cosa sarebbe Diego Bardone senza Milano e cosa sarebbe Milano senza Diego Bardone? Lui, fotografo di strada, ogni giorno comincia la sua giornata per le vie di questa città. Si apposta, come farebbe un ornitologo, a caccia dell’umano, del cittadino qualunque, del turista distratto, dell’improbabile situazione che si crea tra l’uomo e il suo contesto. Lo scatto che porta a casa Bardone non coglie solo uno sguardo, né solo uno scorcio di città, ma l’insieme. Dall’ insieme nasce la poetica del suo lavoro fotografico. Riesce, nella moltitudine, a cogliere una combinazione degli elementi che spesso è un intero racconto, altre volte, è uno spaccato istantaneo carico di contraddizioni, altre volte coglie tutto l’umorismo pirandelliano del vivere.”

House Space Museum Tadini
via Niccolò Jommelli, 24 Milan

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Inge Morath @ FOTOHOF

Inge Morath – collage with an early photo of Inge Morath, 2001

Inge Morath Pictures and letters. Biographical material from the archives
October 24 until January 13, 2018

Opening: Susanne Czepl reads from early letters and texts October 24, 2017, 19:00

FOTOHOF archive / Sparkassenstra ß e 2/5020 Salzburg / Austria
admission free

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© Marc Riboud, Courtesy Polka Galerie.

November 10, 2017 TO 20 January 2018

Thursday, November 9 OPENING THE 18 TO 8:30 p.m.

Polka Court · Venice · 12, rue Saint-Gilles · Paris 75003 · France

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