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Nicky Bird @ Street Level Photoworks

Nicky Bird: Legacy 27th April – 6th June 2021 “Over the last fifteen years, Nicky Bird has examined the themes of land, heritage, personal and social memory through a collaborative photographic practice. This show includes new works and brings together several of her site-specific projects for the first time, especially reimagined for Street Level, which […]

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Mathieu Pernot @ Jewish Museum of Belgium

Mathieu Pernot – Something is happening 19.05 – 19.09.2021 “The Jewish Museum of Belgium presents the unique retrospective Something is happening of French photographer Mathieu Pernot (°1970, Fréjus). Combining photography, video and handwritten material, this exhibition places at its centre a space-time as precise as it is emblematic: the island of Lesbos in 2020. Located […]

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Book Review: Year of the Beast by Tara Wray

Year of the Beast is a photo diary of 2020 featuring scenes from life in rural Vermont, under a looming specter of doom. It isn’t a book about the pandemic. It’s a record of a specific time and place as seen through the eyes of one photographer, but with universal themes and universal appeal. “I can’t […]

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Book Review: The Boys by Rick Schatzberg

When two of his oldest friends died unexpectedly, Rick Schatzberg (born in 1954) turned to photography to cope with his grief. He spent the next year and a half photographing his remaining group of a dozen men who have been close since early childhood. Now in their 67th year, “The Boys,” as they call themselves, […]

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Simon Lehner @ FOTOHOF

Simon Lehner: To Cut A Blind Spot April 27 – June 18, 2021 “Simon Lehner’s works mostly have their core in an autobiographical context. Photography, always fascinating in its ability to store the past in pictures and to keep it ready for later decoding, develops in his pictorial, filmic and also sculptural works through the […]

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LEWIS HINE – THE WPA NATIONAL RESEARCH PROJECT PHOTOGRAPHS, 1936-37 April 15 – July 2, 2021 “Established in 1935 as a division of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), the goal of the National Research Project (NRP) was to investigate new industrial technologies and their effects on employment. Lewis Hine was hired by the WPA to […]

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JOZEF SEDLAK: HOMAGE TO THE DARKROOM 20 April – 5 May 2021 “In the presented long-term photographic project, Jozef Sedlak deals with so-called tests, the waste that is created in a darkroom during the analog enlargement process. These are small fragments, strips of photographic paper used to verify the correct exposition during enlargement, and which […]

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JEFFREY MILSTEIN @ Benrubi Gallery

JEFFREY MILSTEIN – PARIS: FROM THE AIR PRIL 13 – APRIL 30, 2021 “Including breathtaking views of the Arc de Triomphe, Musée du Louvre, Jardin des Tuileries, Hôtel des Invalides, Tour Montparnasse, Centre Pompidou, the Seine, and La Défense, among many other loca- tions, Milstein’s highly detailed images bring these unmatched aerial vistas of Paris […]

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Book Review: The Plain by Melanie Friend

I do not find these photographs especially well-crafted, do not deem the framing very appealing but, nevertheless, I feel drawn to them because wide open spaces attract me. In other words, I do not think you can do much wrong when photographing open landscapes. Such was my take after a first and rather casual look […]

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Robyn Day @ Elizabeth Houston Gallery

Robyn Day: Nobody Knows April 28 to July 9 2021 “Nobody Knows promises to “tell all the truth but tell it slant.” Representing queer history by intentionally obfuscating it, Robyn Day’s paradoxical archive plays with the materiality of photographic substrates, deeply wedding process to the significations of its portraits.” Elizabeth Houston Gallery 190 Orchard Street […]

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