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Book Review: Conversations with Dad by Carissa Dorson

The story of a daughter and her father building a closer relationship through their shared passion for photography  I’m personally at a time in my life when my oldest child, Alison, is graduating college this month –  and I can’t help but wax nostalgic. Conversations With Dad by Carissa Dorson is the salve for the
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Look at the USA @ BDC Annex

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ROBERT SMITH @ Viridian Artists

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ELGER ESSER @ Flowers Gallery

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Student Perspectives 2022 @ Perspective Gallery

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REVERBERATION @ Photographic Center Northwest

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Monica Miranda @ Sabrina Amrani

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Interview with photographer David Ricci

David Ricci is a Massachusetts based photographer whose work is featured in Issue #112 – Amusement.  Ricci has exhibited widely including solo exhibitions at the Fogg Museum at Harvard, Art Complex Museum, Berkshire Museum, Iris Gallery, Panopticon Gallery, UMASS-Amherst and Brown University and group exhibitions at the DeCordova, Danforth and Fleming Museums and at Rosenberg+Kaufman
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Book Review: Sleeping Beauty by Lydia Panas

The first line of the press release for Sleeping Beauty by Lydia Panas states: “Portraits of women and girls intertwined with the photographer’s gaze, in a rare subversion of photography’s power relations.” Panas is no stranger to subverting the power relationship (of photography’s male dominated history, we presume) as her work in The Mark of Abel,
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