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Michael Kenna @ Sabrina Raffaghello Arte Contemporanea

Michael Kenna Forms of Japan
November 11 to December 6, 2015-10-22

Opening: November 11, 2015 h.18,30

Michael Kenna is one of the most renowned landscape photographers of our time. His black-and-white photographs are characterized by their simplicity and sense of purity. Kenna frequently travels to Japan, after falling in love on his first visit there 30 years ago, and he is drawn back by his fascination with the Japanese landscape and philosophy. His works show clearly outlined elements in reduced formal language and poetic presentation. The viewer repetitively encounters meditative, lonely trees, mountain silhouettes, bridges, water steles and small islands. His sensitive photographs seem to attempt to unveil the aesthetic sense of the Japanese soul.

Sabrina Raffaghello Arte Contemporanea,
Via Gorani 7 Milano

Location: Italy, Milan Type:

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