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Portraits 2016 Exhibition @ The Center for Fine Art Photography

Yuri Kozirev © Kirill Ovchinnikov

Yuri Kozirev © Kirill Ovchinnikov

Portraits 2016 Exhibition
January 23 – February 20, 2016

Reception Date | February 5, 2016

All Selected Artists | Nicole Allen, Daniel Barsotti, Linda Bunk, Karas Cahill, Claire Cichy, Ashley Costello, Jon Cox, Bob Demchuk, Bartek Furdal, Patricia Gilman, Marsha Guggenheim, Daniel Haeker, Spring Hansen, Edward Haynsworth, Samantha Horn, Miki Iwamura, Kathryn Jacobi, Christopher Lucero, Melissa Lynn, Toby MacLennan, Peter Maeck,
John Martin, Michelle McCarron, Julie McCarthy, Kevin J. Mellis,
Danny Mendoza, Fletcher Oakes, Kirill Ovchinnikov, Doron Oved,
Marcus Parsons, Lincoln Phillips, Abby Ripley, Ricardo Rodrigues,
Charles Rozier, David Ruderman, Don Russell, Joe Schmelzer, Fred Scruton, Jeff Settle, Felice Simon, David Taggart, Hoi Ying Tam, Jessica Tampas,
JP Terlizzi, Robert C. Tetro, Christopher Walker, Sandra Chen Weinstein, and Mitsu Yoshikawa.

The Center for Fine Art Photography | 400 North College Ave. | Fort Collins | CO | 80524

Location: Colorado, Fort Collins, United States Type:

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