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CURRENTS 2016 @ New Orleans Photo Alliance

Jane Fulton Alt – Fire and Water no.1

Jane Fulton Alt – Fire and Water no.1

CURRENTS 2016: New Orleans Photo Alliance Members Showcase
December 8, 2016 – January 29, 2017

The featured artists are: Jane Fulton Alt (New Orleans, LA), Matthew Arnold (New York, NY), Craig Becker (Windham, ME), Christa Blackwood (Austin, TX), Lisette de Boisblanc (New Orleans, LA), Benjamin Dimmitt (Fairview, NC), Josh Hailey (New Orleans, LA), Jamie Hankin (Kinderhook, NY), Brittany Markert (New Orleans, LA), Robbie McClaran (Portland, OR), Colleen Mullins (San Francisco, CA), Owen Murphy (New Orleans, LA), Hannah Neal (Austin, TX), Marcy Palmer (Dallas, TX), S. Gayle Stevens (Downers Grove, IL), Milisa Taylor-Hicks (Middleburg, FL), and Bill Vaccaro (Chicago, IL).

New Orleans Photo Alliance
1111 St. Mary Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Location: Louisiana, New Orleans, United States Type:

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