Wandering Yuma and UnOccupied @ Perspective Gallery

© Doug Haight

Wandering Yuma and UnOccupied
Doug Haight and Lisa Beard
May 31 – July 1

Opening Reception: June 2 | 5 – 7 PM

“Wandering Yuma presents images from crosscurrents of everyday life in Cuba, from young ballet dancers to butchers, from o erings to the sea to street parties; all displayed in a salon-style exhibit of more than 50 images created from multiple visits to the island. UnOccupied is a body of work that explores places left behind. The spaces shown were photographed exactly as found. The minimalist style allows the essence of what once was, to fuse with each viewer’s experience in order to form an individualized story.”

Perspective Gallery
1310-1/2B Chicago Ave.

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One response to “Wandering Yuma and UnOccupied @ Perspective Gallery”

  1. Katy V says:

    This sounds interesting. Might visit this before its closing. 1 more week to go, must not miss this.

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