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Jannis Tordheim @ Photographic Centre Peri

Jannis Tordheim: Mia Ora

opening in the presence of the artist Thursday 29 November from 6 to 8 pm

“MIA OPA [mia ora] is the Greek word for ‘hour’. I discovered the title in a box I was given in Ioannina by my friend who develops my films. ‘Hour’, however, has a more complex meaning; in a crisis, people tend to comfort each other by saying, “One hour at a time”. Take it one hour at a time – even just one breath at a time.

Greece is in a deep financial crisis. The country is experiencing vast changes, and young Greeks have been left dealing with the aftermath of years of defective politics. Many are moving out of the country, whereas older Greeks who have lived abroad are now returning to help their country get back on its feet. The discontent with politicians has made people restless, particularly in Exarcheia, Athens, where leftist groups are setting up their own state within state. One hour at a time, the country is trying to pick up the pieces.

MIA OPA represents the love I feel for my people, my home. It also tries to remind the Greek government of the enormous number of young people in the country, waiting for their chance to make a difference. While the crisis has started to change course, youth unemployment, in particular, is rising. This great discontentment creates enormous energy and a feeling like an exposed nerve. Almost as if worrying about stepping on a landmine and having everything blow up.”

Photographic Centre Peri
Itäinen Rantakatu 38
20810 Turku, Finland

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