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Aapo Huhta @ Northern Photographic Centre

Aapo Huhta: Block 10 Aug – 15 Sept 2019 Vernissage Fri 9 Aug at 5pm “Block is a photographic essay about contemporary city life and the people?s role in it. The images offer their viewer a dystopic scene of a metropolis. Money rules and people are looking for happiness, each other and the meaning of […]

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AURA SAARIKOSKI @ Northern Photographic Centre

AURA SAARIKOSKI: RESEARCH INTO GREY 25.5.-30.6.2019 “In the photograph named Research into Grey I compare the scale of a gray card to a foggy landscape. For a photographer the card is a tool to match the colours of the image with reality. I got my own gray card from my father at the age of […]

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ESA YLIJAASKO @ Northern Photographic Centre

ESA YLIJAASKO: NOVEMBER IS A BEGINNING 13 Apr -19 May 2019 “Esa Ylijaasko spent four years documenting the life of a Syrian refugee community in Süleymaniye neighbourhood in Istanbul, Turkey. Previous tenants had left the rundown residential area years earlier. Ylijaasko photographed his project on black and white superior instant film. The raindrops and scratches […]

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Nick Brandt: INHERIT THE DUST APRIL 5 – SEPTEMBER 1, 2019 OPENING: THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 5-8:30PM “Three years after the somber conclusion of his African trilogy, On This Earth (2005), A Shadow Falls (2009), Across the Ravaged Land (2013), Brandt returned to East Africa to create his stunning but harrowing body of work Inherit The […]

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VILLE LENKKERI @ Northern Photographic Centre

VILLE LENKKERI: MEDICAL RECORDS OF A SMALL TOWN 9.3. – 7.4.2019 “Medical Records of a small town is Ville Lenkkeri’s study about the relation that his father Doctor Hannu Lenkkeri had to his hometown Mänttä. It’s also a subjective way for the son to settle accounts with the father who unexpectedly passed away six years […]

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Jannis Tordheim @ Photographic Centre Peri

Jannis Tordheim: Mia Ora 30.11.–23.12.2018 opening in the presence of the artist Thursday 29 November from 6 to 8 pm “MIA OPA [mia ora] is the Greek word for ‘hour’. I discovered the title in a box I was given in Ioannina by my friend who develops my films. ‘Hour’, however, has a more complex […]

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SNAP-Photography Festival Finland 10th-18th November 2018

SNAP-Photography Festival 10th-18th November 2018 SNAP Photography Festival brings the photographed vision of children and young people into public space all over Finland The Finnish Museum of Photography, seven regional photographic centers and Pori Centre for Children’s Culture have carried out three extensive photography related workshop entities during the course of one year. The workshops […]

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Petri Juntunen @ Photographic Centre Peri

Petri Juntunen: At the Heart of it All 2.–25.11.2018 “Conflict produces terror. Having a desire to live, but realising that death is inevitable is managed by embracing cultural structures or systems that act to provide life with meaning and value. The knowledge of this Absurdity of Existence transforms into social constructs and eschatological fantasies that […]

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Camera Obscura 2017 – Step into a Camera! @ Photographic Centre Peri

Camera Obscura 2017 – Step into a Camera! August, 2017 “Honouring the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence and the 175th anniversary of the first Finnish photograph, Photographic Centre Peri offers to the public an opportunity to explore the basic principle of an image forming. Camera Obscura is latin and means darkened room. Light travels through […]

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Noora Isoeskeli @ Photographic Centre Peri

Noora Isoeskeli / Your Gaze Is a Loaded Gun 14th July–6th August 2017 “The name “Your Gaze Is a Loaded Gun” refers to the power that is loaded in a gaze. The exhibition is centered around two questions: what kind of power the gaze holds in the world of a sighted person and what our […]

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