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Petri Juntunen @ Photographic Centre Peri

Petri Juntunen: At the Heart of it All

“Conflict produces terror. Having a desire to live, but realising that death is inevitable is managed by embracing cultural structures or systems that act to provide life with meaning and value. The knowledge of this Absurdity of Existence transforms into social constructs and eschatological fantasies that try to make the sense of ending bearable. On a larger scale, societies build symbols: laws, cultures and belief systems to explain the significance and meaning of life.

At the Heart of it All is a study of the individual contemplating his own mortality, how one looks at his existence, at the same time seeing the beginning and sensing the inevitable end. What have been imagined are these Spaces within Spaces, where the remnants of humanity exist in the form of wrecks, ruins and absence. Emblems where time is made visible and places act as repositories of memories. The images acting as allegorised and miniaturised distillations of reality, reconstructed and scaled down to fit into the field of view, make things comprehensible. ”

Photographic Centre Peri
Itäinen Rantakatu 38
20810 Turku, Finland

Location: Finland, Turku Type:

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