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SNAP-Photography Festival Finland 10th-18th November 2018

SNAP-Photography Festival
10th-18th November 2018

SNAP Photography Festival brings the photographed vision of children and young people into public space all over Finland

The Finnish Museum of Photography, seven regional photographic centers and Pori Centre for Children’s Culture have carried out three extensive photography related workshop entities during the course of one year. The workshops monitored by art educators specialized in photography or pedagogically oriented photographic artists have been attended by children and young people between ages 11 to 19. The key aspect of the workshops has been to encourage the young people to think about What is important to me and which things I want to affect? The most important themes of the children’s works are nature, the future, friends and family. So far over 570 children and young people from different regions in Finland have participated in the workshops.

The project will culminate in 10th-18th November 2018 as a nationwide photography festival for children and young people will be arranged. The photographs taken by children in guidance of artists will be shown in public spaces, galleries, festivals and in the social media of The Finnish Museum of Photography and regional photographic centers under the hashtag #snapfest18.

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