Thrown Stone, Spitten Image @ Chicago Artists Coalition

© Mark Blanchard

Thrown Stone, Spitten Image
Mark Blanchard, Cass Davis, kwabena foli, and Kelly Kristin Jones
July 5 – August 15

Opening Reception: July 19 | 5 – 8 PM

“Idioms are expressions that convey a sentiment that cannot be understood solely from the words that make up the phrase. “A stone’s throw” refers to the proximity between places that are close enough that you could throw a stone from one and it would land in the other; “spitting image” refers to the resemblance between counterparts that is so remarkable, it is as if the spit of one produced the other. But there are latent and hostile allusions resting on the surface of these phrases. Thrown Stone, Spitten Image considers the literal implications of two commonly used figures of speech to probe and contest issues of power, trauma, and freedom. The works of Blanchard, Davis, foli, and Jones respond to places that are interwoven with aggression and trauma by uprooting these misrepresentations. These artists displace and reform their subjects in order to redirect prevailing narratives.”

Chicago Artists Coalition
2130 W. Fulton St.

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