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Victor J. Blue @ Bronx Documentary Center

Residents make their way among destroyed buildings in Raqqa, Syria, Monday, November 12, 2018. More than a year after the end of the brutal fighting that liberated the one time capital city of the Islamic State, and a devastating air campaign that mostly flattened it, Raqqa lies in ruins. Photograph: Victor J. Blue

Victor J. Blue: Cities in Dust
April 4-21, 2019

“Over the course of the four-year campaign against the Islamic State, the US-led coalition conducted 14,638 airstrikes in Iraq and 16,864 airstrikes in Syria, the bulk of which fell on Mosul and Raqqa, the twin capitals of the ISIS caliphate. The cities were leveled in the fight to liberate them from their captors. A year after the bombing stopped and the fighters were routed, Raqqa and the Old City of Mosul still lie in ruins. No comprehensive reconstruction plan exists; the viability of both cities remains in doubt.”

Bronx Documentary Center Annex, 364 E. 151st St., Bronx, NY


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