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Wendi Schneider @ Southeast Center For Photography

Wendi Schneider: Evenings with the Moon
September 6 – October 26, 2019

Reception October 4

“In Evenings with the Moon, Wendi Schneider contemplates the power of our universal experiences to unify and find transcendence, engaging the moon as muse. These illuminated impressions of the night draw on the metaphor of darkness and light to express our shared longing for love, harmony and balance amidst the chaos of the world. Informed by a background in painting, Schneider’s images are captured and layered digitally to express a personal interpretation of the beauty and serenity found in the organic forms of nature. Printed on vellum or kozo and gilded on verso with white gold leaf, the treasured subjects are suffused with the implied spirituality and sanctity of the precious metal, echoing the luminosity of their celestial inspiration. This synthesis of form and content, paired with poetry and music, invites the viewer to enter a space between the real and the imagined to consider the commonalities in our collective consciousness. We all live under the same moon.”

Southeast Center For Photography, Greenville, SC

Location: Greenville, South Carolina, United States Type:

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