Mikiko Hara @ IBASHO Gallery

Mikiko Hara: ‘The Wind Cannot Be Named’
10 September – 18 October 2020

Most of Hara’s photographs capture fleeting moments: figures, landscapes and material things that emerge and disappear before her as she navigates daily life.

“There is no set theme; I’m not trying to communicate a particular message. Instead I gamble on serendipity. I hope each snapshot will stir some fragment of memory within every viewer, arousing complex feelings and emotions that can’t be easily put into words.”
— Mikiko Hara

Due to the current circumstances and regulations regarding COVID-19, IBASHO will not be able to open the exhibition with a festive vernissage on 10 September. Instead, IBASHO will open the exhibition by publishing a video on Hara’s exhibition on our website and will welcome their visitors with a festive drink in the first weekend of the exhibition 10 – 13 September during the opening hours from 14:00 – 18:00.

IBASHO Gallery

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