30 Over 50: In Context @ The Center for Fine Art Photography

Image Credit © Toni Lovejoy

30 Over 50: In Context
February 16 – April 30, 2021

Featured Artists: Syl Arena, Robin Bailey, Sarah Barker, Lowell Baumunk,
Becky Chapman, Teri Figliuzzi, Keith Goldstein, Danielle L Goldstein,
Thierry Gourjon-Bieltvedt, Don Jacobson, Leslie Jean-Bart, Jena Jones,
Marcy Juan, Sarah Ketelaars, Shelley Koon, Jeff Larason, Toni Lovejoy,
Charlie McCullers and Cecilia Montalvo, Dana Moody, Dale Niles, Catherine Panebianco, Joel Rhymer, Linda-Marlena Ross, Michael Ruggiero, Lynn Saville, Rebecca Sexton Larson, Mark Wittig, Molly Wood, Leslie J Yerman, and Zoë Zimmerman.

From her statement, Arnika Dawkins says, “They’ve seen a lot, years lived that bear reflection and provide perspective. Time passes swiftly, and change is inevitable; perhaps it was merely a matter of shifting priorities or interests, exploring what could yet be discovered in life. A journey of discovery with perspective 30 over 50 | In Context explores the notion of wisdom. Creatives becoming more attuned can be a gift allowing oneself to transcend barriers of time, gain permission to pursue something, ignite passions, explore, and delve deep into what it is that they capture. Wisdom can be the very source of creativity.”

The Center for Fine Art Photography | 321 Maple Street, P.O. Box 1010, Fort Collins, CO 80522

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