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95th ANNUAL International Competition Solo Exhibitions @ The Print Center

David Rothenberg, 82nd Street (Alleyway), 2018, from the series “Landing Lights Park,” inkjet print, 30” x 20”

95th ANNUAL International Competition Solo Exhibitions
February 1 – April 30, 2021

Kevin Claiborne: Before I Died I Was Invisible
Dawn Kim: Half Rest
David Rothenberg: Landing Lights Park

Kevin Claiborne’s work addresses the Black experience in America today. Before I Died I Was Invisible includes pieces from two ongoing series: “BLACKNESS IS,” begun in 2019, landscape photographs with screenprinted text, and “Great Unconformity,” begun in 2020, an exploration of words and photographic image through digital collage. Both bluntly question the role of Black people, specifically Black men, in contemporary American society. Claiborne plays with legibility, juxtaposing text and image. Deliberately fragmented, the works contemplate a multiplicity of meanings.

Dawn Kim: Half Rest is an exhibition of black-and-white photographs taken across the United States and abroad over the course of 2019. On the heels of her previous work, which included the appropriation of images and the making of artist photobooks, Kim turned to creating constructed scenes loosely about a faith, whether religious or secular: the ruins of an old monastery, young Halloween revelers, nomadic shepherds in the remote mountainsides of the country Georgia. A kaleidoscope of oblique views of everyday realities, Kim’s presentation draws no conclusion, inviting the viewer to piece together meaning.

David Rothenberg: Landing Lights Park includes works from the eponymous ongoing series of color photographs highlighting the intricate relationship between New York City’s LaGuardia Airport and its surrounding residential neighborhood in the borough of Queens. The neighborhoods of Astoria and East Elmhurst, which are directly under the airport’s flight path, are home to many vibrant immigrant communities. These neighborhoods have been some of the hardest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, when, at the same time, they also have experienced a significant slowing of airplane travel. The series “Landing Lights Park” pits the humble neighborhood against the behemoth airline industry. From the sidewalk, Rothenberg uses a telephoto lens and fast shutter speed to capture the airplanes’ ascents and descents at various angles, slyly distorting proportion and scale in a series that evokes as much fascination and amazement as genuine concern.

The Print Center

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