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Fritz Macho @ FOTOHOF archive

Fritz Macho, from the series “Menschen am Land”, 1930s

Fritz Macho − revisited
June 15 – November 11, 2021

“On June 11, 1981, the FOTOHOF gallery was opened with the then newly discovered pictures by Fritz Machos. In the 1930s Fritz Macho made portraits of “Menschen am Land” (also the title of the now out of print photo book by Residenz Verlag), which Peter Weiermair compared in the foreword with the work of August Sander.

Now, 40 years later, the FOTOHOF archive has produced high-quality digital prints from newly found negatives by this photographer. In the current exhibition, a selection of the existing analogue photographs from 1981 is supplemented by the digitally processed printouts from 2021. These new discoveries are private pictures that show a very special view of his family. At the same time, they also underline the photographic style that characterizes Fritz Macho’s work.”

FOTOHOF archive
Sparkassenstrasse 2/5020 Salzburg / Austria

Location: Austria, Salzburg Type: , ,

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  1. Wolfgang Meixner says:

    Is there a catalgue with the picturers of this exibition?

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