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Reconstruction @ Cloisters of Saint Dominic, Reggio Emilia (Italy)

Image: Alisa Martynova

21st of May to the 4th of July 2021

Works by:

Domenico Camarda, Irene Fenara, Alisa Martynova, Francesca Pili, Vaste Programme, Martina Zanin, Elena Zottola

“We can see not only with our eyes. Imagination is the ability providing men to see images in their mind and is closely related to memory: it is therefore based on reality, and its ability to generate visions from experience. Although it was created to faithfully reproduce the observable reality, photography can take part in cognitive processes: it can both represent the visible and the reality with imagination.

Photography can reconstruct what is hidden or out of reach; it can reconstruct the complexity from fragments; it can rebuild the past. Photography can also contribute to reconstructing an idea of future for the world.”

Cloisters of Saint Dominic, Reggio Emilia (Italy)

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