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Moving Forward: The Future of Photography @ Soho Photo Gallery

Sculptured Rocks, 2020 © Maria Wurtz

Moving Forward: The Future of Photography

Opening Reception Saturday, December 17, 5-7pm

Moving Forward represents a vision of the future, the new generation of photographers. This show is a gathering of diverse visions and backgrounds with one commonality, the camera. It’s a show that commemorates the past practices of the photographic image while putting on display new methods of visual storytelling.

This show is dedicated to the next 50 years of photography.

Exhibiting Artists
Maria Wurtz, Zachary Olewnicki, Brinsley Edwards, Avery Runk, Gabrielle Gowans, Sara Adriani, McKinna Anderson, Jiarong Bei, Noah Benus, Andi Bierlein, Jake Bowling, Violet Burburan, Marco Chan, Joe Cuccio, Austin Cuttino, Mia Diaz, Amaya Ettu, Thomas Fay, Sebastian Ferruzo, Melissa Gaitan, Jasmine Garoosi, Andrew Godreaux, Al Golden, Irem Gurel, Chase Hamilton, James Hastur, Monica Hernandez, Reese Herrington, Tyler James, Eric Johnson, Seiami Kim-Amoda, Abby L, Skyé Lowe, Kyle Lui, Ariana Mamnoon, Ellen Marsz, Carlos Montano, Liesel Mwiseneza, Briana Nazario, Brionie Nelson, Arushi Patel, Isabella Picicci, Kimberly Pizha, Cledia Ishimwe Semigabo, Ayesa Siddika, Robindeep Singh, Kylie Sivley, Alassane Sy, Joyee Tan, Tianyao Wang, Lake Wiesmayr, Chenyang Zhou, Yichen Zhou

Soho Photo Gallery
15 White Street, New York, NY 10013

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