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Adam Geary @ Brothock Gallery

Sweet Spot, Adam Geary 2023

Adam Geary: SWEET SPOT
1st July – 31st October 2023

SWEET SPOT has been created from the building blocks that link
ideas/place/people and makes connections between objects/images and
histories/positions that they occupy in the places we live and/or

SWEET SPOT is based on fictional places of our imagination. A universal
town perhaps, with a past, present and future. At the centre of Sweet
Spot is the central paradox of when ‘Nowhere’ becomes ‘Everywhere’ and
how ultimately our sense of place and wellbeing is affected. Living in a
digital era, where every thing and every place collide into a seeming
oneness; time seems to shorten.

During May 2023 Adam worked with P7 pupils in Hayshead and Warddykes
Primary schools and also with Reach-Across and The Learning Tree
Partnership to explore the ideas behind Sweet Spot and to encourage
workshop participants to make images that define in some way their own
‘special’ places/objects/things. One image from each participant was
printed and is displayed at the Brothock Gallery @ Arbroath Library
alongside Sweet Spot. A selection of images appear in the free
mini-tabloid newspaper.

Brothock Gallery @ Arbroath Library
Arbroath, Scotland, UK

Location: Arbroath, Scotland Type:

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