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Stories from the Picture Press @ The Image Centre

Lou Jacobs, Untitled [Watts Rebellion, Los Angeles, California, United States], 1965, gelatin silver print. Black Star Collection, The Image Centre

Stories from the Picture Press: Black Star Publishing Co. & The Canadian Press
September 13 through December 2, 2023

“Gifted to TMU by an anonymous donor in 2005, along with $7 million for its preservation, study and exhibition, the Black Star Collection was foundational to the establishment of what became the IMC. It was also the largest donation of cultural property ever made to a Canadian university.”

“The Black Star Collection is one of the world’s most significant archives of photojournalism, with nearly 300,000 photographs by more than 6,000 image-makers,” says IMC Director and exhibition co-curator Paul Roth. “Our latest book, released today, serves as a scholarly companion to our upcoming fall exhibition. Together these two projects are the fruit of a decade of research in the archive.”

The Image Centre
33 Gould Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1W1

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