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Farnaz Damnabi @ 29 Arts in Progress Gallery

Farnaz Damnabi:Unveiled

“The exhibition is entitled ‘UNVEILED’ and it brings together a selection of works that tell visitors the tale – as refined as it is powerful – of a young female photographer from contemporary Iran, suspended between past and future.

Women play the absolute starring role in her shots: Damnabi both illustrates and pays tribute to the Iranian female identity, which is shown here in the routine of women, mothers and workers ignored by a strictly patriarchal society, which is so late to recognise their equality, value, and freedom.

Many of the photographs on display highlight issues such as discrimination against women in the labour market, the gender gap in salaries, and the failure to recognise their silent contribution to key sectors of the Iranian economy and craft industry (such as the harvesting of saffron in the fields of Torbat-e Heydarieh or the production of carpets).”

29 Arts in Progress Gallery
Via San Vittore 13
20123 Milan – Italy

Location: Italy, Milan Type:

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