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The Snowflakes and other surprises @ Photo North

Astrid Kruse Jensen

The Snowflakes and other surprises

Elina Brotherus, Katrín Elvarsdóttir, Tinna Gunnarsdóttir, Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir, Mathias Svold & Ulrik Hasemann, Einar Falur Ingólfsson, Tiina Itkonen, Astrid Kruse Jensen, Sanna Kannisto, Jacob Kirkegaard, Helene Schmitz, Trine Søndergaard & Nicolai Howalt, Magnus Wennman and Hendrik Zeitler

“Snowflakes and other surprises – poetic storytelling in a Nordic photo exhibition delves into the poetic relationship between man and nature. Curated by Icelandic writer and curator Sigrún Alba Sigurðardóttir, the exhibition brings together Icelandic, Swedish, Danish and Finnish photographic artists who look at the world through poetic storytelling. Snowflakes, vegetation and human intervention in nature are at the heart of the group exhibition.”

Photo North – Northern Photographic Centre
Hallituskatu 7, Oulu

Location: Finland, Oulu Type:

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