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Crusade for Collecting coming to a curbside near you!


Crusade for Collecting
A National Art Tour and Empowerment Project
Coming to a city near you, March-June 2013

About the Tour
The campaign will be undertaken in “Lady Blue,” a 1977 VW bus funded through Kickstarter, who will serve as mascot, transportation and exhibition space. At each destination city, the bus will park in a busy public space and open for “business.” Meant to attract not only fans of the project, who can follow the tour and find locations through a variety of social media outlets, but also unknowing passers by. This guerrilla style exhibition is meant to reach the core of the nation’s public, allowing for spontaneous and genuine reactions to the available work and engaging people outside the normal art world audience.

Crusade For Collecting recognizes the skilled work of artists. The gesture of giving away art for free is meant to incite a pay-it-forward response and encourage future collecting by recipients. It is not a statement on the value of the available work, but rather an act of art awareness and empowerment.

The Tour
Atlanta – Kick off event March 27th
Los Angeles – April 6th
San Francisco – April 13th
Portland – April 17th
Seattle – April 30th
Chicago – May 24th
Cleveland – May 26th
New York – June 2nd
Washington DC – June 5th
Richmond – June 8th

About the Participating Artists
Art available will include work from The Ten, an earlier project developed by Schwartz as a monthly curated online exhibit of limited release, fine art photography. Artists include: Chloe Aftel, Tami Bone, David Bram, Laura Burlton, Elizabeth Fleming, Laura Griffin, Warren Harold, Kat Kiernan, Heidi Lender, Clay Lipsky, Sarah Moore, Ryan Nabulsi, Jeff Rich, and Aline Smithson, Lori Vrba. This group of internationally collected and widely exhibited photographers represent a range of work meant to capture attention and inspire artistic connection amongst the diversity of the American public.


Location: Atlanta, California, Chicago, Cleveland, Georgia, Illinois, Los Angeles, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Portland, Richmond, San Francisco, Seattle, United States, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC Type:

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